No matter how busy and competitive your sector may be, your business is one-of-a-kind. It has its own mission, history, people, brand and values, which means that you need a bespoke plan of action to ensure that talent acquisition, service delivery, change management and KPIs are managed in a way that perfectly fits your vision.

I provide consultancy services that show you how to apply business psychology throughout every level of your organisational structure, giving you the power to embed a purpose-led company culture of optimum efficiency, open communication, universal wellbeing and ongoing profitability. This comes with additional benefits, ranging from optimising workflow and reducing human error to mitigating risk and remaining ahead of the curve no matter how erratic your sector.

Though each person is unique, there are certain abilities, behaviours and personality types that can be harnessed in order to maximise performance, enhance collaboration and enable standardised ways of working.

Psychometric tests also analyse strengths, personality and behaviour types, offering invaluable information that can guide the recruitment process and ongoing development of your people pipeline and succession. For instance, an individual’s ability to perform under pressure, respond accordingly to challenges, work as part of a team and communicate with confidence are core traits that have a major influence over career progression. In the process, psychometric assessments highlight what may be missing from your organisation on a human level, which in turn enables you to target, attract and retain the right kind of people, as well as maintain a healthy and balanced company culture.

Regardless of how long a business has been operating, there’s always room for improvement. In fact, it’s often a case that organisations with many years to their name have inadvertently fallen behind in certain areas, which can seriously affect precision, output and customer satisfaction. If you feel that your business could be more strategic, streamlined and productive, I am ready to determine where you currently are and develop a clear roadmap for progressing to the next level.

My individual business coaching is delivered using a one-to-one format in order to open up an honest and confidential dialogue. This enables us to discuss your strengths and weaknesses, set achievable goals, pinpoint and address any doubts, mitigate risk, and unleash your maximum potential.

Alyson Hobkirk Psychologist

How I can support your business

I believe that your organisation deserves a truly bespoke and strategic approach, which is why I first discuss your needs and goals to decide which of the following services will bring you the best results: