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Alyson Hobkirk Psychologist

Performance optimisation is an individual and team effort

As a business psychologist and coach, I can help your people and teams achieve more through setting ambitious new goals through individual and team coaching, applying workplace psychology and utilising a range of psychometric tools for insight.

Change management ensures survival

The world is constantly changing. From the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit and supply chain delays to the cost of living crisis, the prevalence of hybrid working and constant shifts in consumer behaviours, there’s a lot that your business needs to respond to quickly and in a relevant way. Whilst change management can take multiple approaches, the psychology behind it is rooted in a keen understanding of how to realign your operational structure in order to not only survive but perpetually thrive.

My role is to support your teams in developing robust change strategies and techniques to better manage this constant disruptive change. This will ensure that you have clear direction and can confidently move forwards regardless of how complex and significant the nature of the change.

Developing corporate agility through human capability

If you’re finding it difficult to remain efficient, relevant or profitable, it’s time to reassess how your business operates on a human level. This includes talent acquisition, employee engagement, staff retention, team dynamics and individual capabilities, which can each be fine-tuned and enhanced through coaching and blended learning pathways.

Even the most experienced leader needs to adopt a philosophy of lifelong learning, as this enables them to keep their OKR frameworks fully aligned with the short-term goals and long-term objectives of the organisation. With years of experience in diagnosing and analysing organisational needs and aspirations, I can help your management team to set suitable targets and create an action plan for reaching key milestones sooner.

Alyson Hobkirk Psychologist

Achieve clarity through psychometric tools

The right kind of psychometric tools bring powerful opportunities to an individual, team and business. By helping your recruitment, development and leadership team to determine capability and competence through a variety of strength-based assessments, you can accurately match candidates to their perfect roles as well as promote existing employees without risking a reduction in performance.

My suite of psychometric tools provides you with the peace of mind that each individual working for your business has the right skills and attitude for the task at hand.

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